Original Walking Tour  € 25,00 p.p. 
Discover Barcelona Bike Tour € 29,50 p.p. (including bike rental)
Bike & Tapas Tour € 39,50 p.p. (including bike rental, tapas and a drink)
Montjuïc Electric Bike Tour € 37,50 p.p. (including electric bike rental)
Business event or fieldtrip   Price to be negotiated
Vintage Walking Tour  € 25,00 p.p. 
Tapas Walking Tour  € 39,50 p.p. (including tapas and drinks)
Wine Lovers Tour * € 39,50 p.p. (including wine)
Shadow of the Wind Tour € 25,00 p.p.
Cathedral of the Sea Tour  € 30,00 p.p.
Flamenco Workshop ** € 14,50 p.p. (from)
Gaudi Bike Tour € 49,50 p.p. (Including electric bike rental)
Custom Tour   Price to be negotiated
Private Tour *** € 7,50 p.p. extra
Bookings and additional information

* The Wine Lovers Tour is for groups between 2 to 4 persons € 39,50 per person, wine and tapas included. For groups between 5 and 10 persons you will pay € 34,50 per person.

** The Flamenco Workshop can be booked for groups from 5 persons or more. The price depends on the amount of people and if live music is requested. Please contact us for more information.

*** For this small extra fee the tour will be exclusive for you and your party (this excludes our Flamenco workshop).

Payment after the tour and in cash only.
Food and beverages are for your own expence, unless stated differently.